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These books are suitable for children over the age of 11

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Slippery Slopes, High Hopes and My Winter Dream Boy
Emma and her brother, Will, are spending Christmas with their Dad on a last minute skiing holiday, and Emma can't wait. There's always the chance that she'll meet a gorgeous Austrian hunk on the slopes...
Ex Tax: £4.99
Based on 2 reviews.
Starry Nights, Stage Fright and My Surprise Valentine
Isabel can't wait for the school Valentine's Party - there's a boy in her class, Sam, that she really likes and she's determined that he's finally going to notice her.
Ex Tax: £4.99
You Wish
Eleven-year-old Benjamin Piff makes the ultimate birthday wish – the wish for unlimited wishes – and so begins a series of misadventures…
Ex Tax: £5.99