Author and Illustrator School Visits

Inviting an author or illustrator into your school is a fantastic way of inspiring students to read and write. These events really bring books to life, helping to engage even the most reluctant of young readers.

Here at Little Tiger Press, lots of our authors and illustrators carry out school visits on a regular basis, and we frequently receive letters from children and their teachers, full of enthusiasm about how enjoyable and useful these events are.

A school visit can take a number of forms. Authors and illustrators may give a talk or demonstration during a school assembly, present their books to separate classes through storytelling and related activities, carry out a workshop-style writing or drawing event with children... Authors and illustrators will always be happy to discuss a school’s requirements.

School visits are also a great opportunity for students to purchase the book/s being presented, and most authors and illustrators are more than happy to sign copies of their book/s following an event. Schools are encouraged to buy copies of the relevant book/s through their usual wholesaler account and arrange for these to be sold to children.

Author fees vary, but are usually in the region of £300 per day, in accordance with guidelines set out by the Society of Authors.

If you’d like to arrange a school visit, you can contact most authors and illustrators directly, via their website. We’ve compiled the list below to help you.

Tracey Corderoy (A) Archie Series / Monty and Milli: The Totally Amazing Magic Trick / The Grunt and the Grouch 3 – 9
Alison Edgson (I) Just One More! / Yuck! That’s Not a Monster! 3 – 9
Tina Macnaughton (I) Little Hedgehog series 3 – 7
Matt Buckingham (I) Bright Stanley 3 – 9
Sam Usher (A/I) Can You See Sassoon? 4 – 11
Kathryn White (A) Here Comes the Crocodile / The Very Noisy Jungle 3 – 11
Paul Bright (A) Charlie’s Superhero Underpants / The Not-So-Scary Snorklum 4 – 9
Catherine Rayner (A/I) Iris and Isaac / Augustus and His Smile / Sylvia and Bird 4 – 11
David Roberts (A/I) Dirty Bertie / Angela Nicely 4 – 11
Holly Webb (A) Animal Stories 6 – 11
Harriet Goodwin (A) The Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43 / The Hex Factor 9 – 12
Andy Robb (A) Geekhood 11 – 14
Gareth Jones (A) Adventures of the Steampunk Pirates / Ninja Meerkats 6 – 11
Guy Bass (A) Stitch Head 6 – 11
Alan MacDonald (A) Dirty Bertie / Angela Nicely 6 – 11  
Jonny Lambert (A/I) Little Why 3 – 6  
Tim Warnes (A/I) Dangerous / The Great Cheese Robbery / The Archie Series 3 – 6
Jane Chapman (A/I) No More Cuddles / I'm Not Sleepy / Very Special Friends 3 – 6
Jenni Desmond (I) The First Slodge 3 – 6  
Steve Smallman (I) Bear's Big Bottom / Poo in the Zoo / Hippobottymus 3 – 6  
Caroline Crowe (A) Pirates in Pyjamas 3 – 6  
Tom Nicoll (A) There's a Dragon in My... 6 – 8  
Katrina Charman (A) Poppy's Place 8 – 10  
Bryony Pearce (A) Phoenix Series TEEN

If the author/illustrator you are looking for is not on this list, or you are unable to contact the author/illustrator directly, please get in touch with Beth Ferguson on 020 7385 6333 who will pass your message to the relevant person.