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Lou Morgan

Lou Morgan
Lou Morgan is an award-nominated author of novels and short stories for adults and teens. Her first novel, BLOOD AND FEATHERS, was shortlisted for the 2013 British Fantasy Awards in both the Best Newcomer and Best Fantasy Novel categories. Lou lives in Bath and when not writing, she tweets as @LouMorgan.

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The Opposite of You
Some bonds should never be broken…
Identical twins Bex and Naomi used to be inseparable, but now they hardly speak. Then Naomi goes missing and it becomes clear to Bex that her twin needs help.
Ex Tax: £7.99
The pressure of exams leads Izzy and her friends to take a new study drug they find online. But one by one they succumb to hallucinations, nightmares and psychosis. The only way to survive is to stay awake…
Ex Tax: £6.99
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