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Tom McLaughlin

Tom McLaughlin
Tom McLaughlin studied at Falmouth College of Arts and has since worked as a cartoonist and an animation designer for Nick Toons. He has also published a picture book, The Diabolical Mr Tiddles. Tom lives in Devon with his wife, two boys and a sleepy cat.

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The Odds Strike Back!
The Odds are a family of pranksters with a love of all things prankable! This time, they face an inspection by the Head Prankster, who happens to be a long-time enemy of Mr Odd…
Ex Tax: £4.99
The Odds
Meet The Odds! A family of pranksters with a love of all things But they meet their match in the Plopwells – a couple whose dastardly plans make the Odds look like a bunch of goody-goodies. Can The Odds defeat the fiendish pair?
Ex Tax: £5.99