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Badger and the Great Journey
Badger and friends are enjoying a glorious day in the warm summer sun when they discover the stream has run dry! Badger has a plan to find water, but the journey will be long, hot and hard. Can the friends find water before it’s too late?
Ex Tax: £6.99
ABC Pop-up
Novelty book
Learn the alphabet with this stylishly simple pop-up book of letters, illustrated by Nahta Noj.
Ex Tax: £9.99
The Very Messy Monkey
Novelty book
Cheeky Monkey and his jungle animal friends are brought to life in this playful pop-up book that toddlers will adore!
Ex Tax: £8.99
Snuggletime Stories
Ex Tax: £0.00
Pooh! Is That You, Bertie?
Bertie can be a bit smelly. When he trumps it makes his mum cross, embarrasses his dad, upsets his gran and offends his sister. But they all have a secret - and Bertie knows it! A laugh-out-loud picture book featuring the shockingly dirty, nose-pickingly disgusting Dirty Bertie.
Ex Tax: £5.99
Just Like Mummy
Board book
Touch the patches on my skin. I chew and moo and make a din! Just like Mummy! One of a pair of fun touch-and-match books packed full of soft, strokeable animals. See also Just like Daddy.
Ex Tax: £4.99
Fairy Friends - My Best Friends Secrets Notebook
Make your friendships last for ever with this special secrets notebook. Fill in the pages with all the info about your best friends and the secrets you share!
Ex Tax: £5.99
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Baby Record Book
Ex Tax: £0.00