It’s Competition Time!
There’s a whole lot of holes out there…Ever wondered what one actually is? How many are there and what the history is behind them? Our brand new book in the 360 Degrees range, Holes, can help you dig out all this information, and this month we are giving you the chance to win copies of this fascinating and beautifully illustrated book. 

Split into five different sections, Holes offers a unique look at a very niche and relatively untouched topic. Dive deep into a wholesome journey of science and nature as well as human experience. Fill your mind with the philosophy, myth, the arts, religion, sport, music and the architecture behind holes- who knew that there was so much to talk about!

Written by Jonathan Litton and Illustrated by Thomas Hegbrook
RRP £19.99 | 9-12 years

For a chance to win this fantastic book, just answer the following question:

What is the word that describes the fear of holes?
A) Trypophobia
B) Acrophobia
C) Coulrophobia

The competition will close on June 29th 2018.
Please note that answers need to be longer than one character so please submit your answers in the following format (X.ANSWER)
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