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Dart! Dash! Rush
Cub ran along the jungle trail.
Tiger followed, nose to tail.
"Tiger, Tiger, come on! Let's run!
I want to explore. I want to have FUN!"

This February we are discovering the world with Cub and Old Tiger!

From the incredible Jonny Lambert comes Tiger Tiger, a fantastically colourful new book about playing and exploring with family.

Tiger Tiger

3-6 Years | RRP £10.99

Old Tiger's world is dull and grey, and all he wants to do is snooze the day away. But Little Cub is having none of it - he wants to explore and have fun! Can Cub help Tiger to see the jungle in an exciting new light?


For the chance to win a copy of the book, simply answer the following question:

Which Disney film, based on a book by Rudyard Kipling, features a tiger called Shere Khan?

A) Cinderella
B) Aladdin
C) Mulan
  D) The Jungle Book

  Competition will close March 2017.

Please note that answers needs to be longer than one character so please submit your answers in the following format (X. ANSWER)

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