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This January we are beating the back to school blues with two fabulously funny middle grade books!

First up we have a very exciting new series, St Grizzles School for Girls, Goats and Random Boys. The series is written by non-other than Karen McCombie and illustrated by the brilliant Becka Moor.

St. Grizzle's School for Girls, Goats and Random Boys

7-9 Years | RRP £5.99

Whilst her mum studies penguins in the Antarctic, eleven-year-old Dani is being packed off to a strict girls’ boarding school. But Dani and her mum arrive at St Grizelda’s to discover there’s been a drastic change of teaching style. Gone are the rules and in their place is chaos, craziness and, er, a goat. Can St Grizzle’s win Dani over?

Next up is the brand new Beaky Malone book from Barry Hutchison and illustrated by the wonderfully quirky Katie Abey.

Beaky Malone: Worst Even School Trip

8-11 Years | RRP £5.99

It’s been 92 hours since Beaky last told a lie. So far he’s survived two full days of school... but the annual school trip is going to take Beaky’s survival skills to a whole other level – especially as Beaky is partnered with Wayne, a.k.a the school bully, who has a morbid fear of clowns. Worse yet, a mix up in the school office means that Beaky and his class are on a trip to Learning Land, the world’s worst theme park.

For the chance to win both books, simply answer the following question:

What is the name of the nasty headteacher in Roald Dahl's Matilda?

A) Professor Umbridge
B) The Demon Headmaster
C) Miss Trunchbull
  D) Miss Hardbroom

  Competition will close 3rd February 2017.

Please note that answers needs to be longer than one character so please submit your answers in the following format (X. ANSWER)

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