Above and Below

Lift the lid on eight habitats to see the extraordinary natural stories

Lift the lid on eight habitats to see the extraordinary natural stories playing out above and below the surface. From the rainforest to the ocean, and from the macro to the micro, Hanako Clulow’s sumptuous scenes hint at some of the symbiotic relationships occurring in the world’s ecosystems.

The natural world

Discover a close-up world of some of nature's busiest and most beautiful environments and the wildlife that inhabits them. The natural world is beautifully illustrated by Hanako Clulow.

Simple Facts

Find out fascinating facts about flora and fauna, from the incredible leaf cutter ant to the mighty blue whale and the colourful coral reef to the healing properties of the guarri bush.

Interactive layouts

The innovative split-page layout of this book allows you to literally uncover a hidden world of nature, as you lift the gate-folds to discover that life is just as busy below the surface!


210mm x 297mm


Cover printed with a beautiful matt finish

Pages printed on heavy woodfree art stock

Intriguing split pages add to the informative experience

Written by by Patricia Hegarty

Illustrations by Hanako Clulow

Created by

Patricia Hegarty is a natural storyteller who encapsulates the beauty and wonder of nature in her books.

Hanako Clulow left Japan for Ireland in 1997, where she studied Visual Arts and English. After spending time in England she began to pursue a career as an illustrator, drawing upon a broad range of interests including nature and the animal kingdom for inspiration.