Hello World

A celebration of languages and curiosities

With over 150 languages, flaps revealing pronunciation guides, and factfiles explaining how to write hi in hieroglyphs, how to sign 'hao' in Native American 'hand talk' and how to rub noses in a Maori 'hongi', a world of exploration is at your fingertips!

A world of discovery

As well as learning hello in over 150 languages, peek inside the Amazon Rainforest and the Australian Outback, see how the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Incans communicated, learn two sign languages, and meet a Cameroonian king.

Interactive content

Don't be shy; have a try! Some greetings may look like squiggles rather than words, but lift the flaps to explore pronunciation guides and extra facts about the phrases. Furthermore, with features on places from Alaska to Zululand, explore a diverse range of cultures.

Beautifully packaged

L'Atelier Cartographik have gone to the ends of the earth for reference material, consulting experts in the Papuan highlands, the Masai steppe and the Siberian tundra. Their curiosity, characterisation, accuracy and panache has led to a beautifully crafted book.


320mm x 260mm

8 spreads

Over 180 flaps

Over 150 languages

Cover printed on vintage textured craft paper

Written by Jonathan Litton

Illustrations by L’Atelier Cartographik

Created by

Jonathan Litton loves writing non-fiction titles ranging from maths to myths, but has most fun with maps! He has edited a pop-up world atlas and written atlases of cities and people, and is bursting with ideas for future projects. His books have global appeal, having been translated into more than 20 languages.

L’Atelier Cartographik are the masters of mapmaking, having travelled the world and mapped every inch of it in a variety of formats, from pop-up children’s books to illustrated travel guides. Their team consists of Alexandre Verhille and Sarah Tavernier, who are based in Brittany, but their next move could be almost anywhere!