In Focus

A colossal book of close-ups, cross sections and cutaways

Enjoy a fresh perspective with In Focus, a book that puts 101 wonders of the world in the spotlight. The giant flaps open to reveal panoramic fact-filled spreads that examine ten amazing subjects from the outside, in. From transport to outer space and landmarks to animals, each subject has been illustrated and explored by a different artist, giving the book a unique look and new focus on every page.

Hidden stories

How big is the organ inside the Sydney Opera House? How does a penguin keep warm? And what goes on inside a Mongolian yurt? Discover a world of intrigue as the extraordinary under-stories of objects are laid bare.

Delicious imagery

Not only are the interiors of objects fascinating, but they can also be mesmerisingly beautiful. From pomegranates to pyramids, each and every cutaway has been carefully selected to delight the eye as well as the mind.

A multitude of styles

Ten illustrators were hand-picked for the ten subjects, and the book benefits from a kaleidoscope of styles and approaches. From intricate line-working on buildings to sumptuous colours in the ocean, a common theme is visually stunning works of art.


250mm x 250mm

10 spreads

Cover printed with a beautiful matt finish

Pages printed on heavy woodfree art stock

Written by Libby Walden

Illustrations by Barbara Bakos, Thomas Pullin, Lindsey Spinks, Chris Chatterton, Tracey Tucker, L’Atelier Cartographik, Chester Bentley, Clair Rossiter, Jen Taylor, and Jessie Ford.

Created by

After studying English in Wales, Libby set off to London to find her fortune in the wondrous world of children's books. Now an editor at Caterpillar Books and a book review blogger at Through the Wardrobe, her days are filled with reading, writing and dreaming up new books.