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SERIES: The Hounds of Penhallow Hall

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The Lost Treasure
Polly and her new ghostly dog friends wake Li-Mei, the Chinese porcelain Fu Dog. The Pekinese recounts rumours of smuggling and sightings of a ghostly Green Lady with Sarah Penhallow at the cove. But when Polly looks at the family portrait she realises that Li-Mei had a companion who disappeared. Together, the friends set off to solve the mystery…
Ex Tax: £5.99
The Moonlight Statue
As soon as she moves to Penhallow Place, Polly can’t wait to unravel its mysteries. One night, she sleepwalks outside and wakes to find her hand on the stone statue of a dog. The dog introduces himself as Rex, an Irish Wolfhound, who lived at Penhallow many hundreds of years earlier. And he is not the only resident ghost…
Ex Tax: £5.99