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An interview with Adam Perrott
Monday, 30 November -0001
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'The Odds' author Adam Perrott talks to us about his books, household chores, and what happens when cups of tea go missing...

How long have you been an author, and what made you want to start writing children's books?

My first book - Eerie Deirdre Darkly - was published in 2009. It was a tiny print-run by an indie company but it was pretty rock n roll as none of us really knew what we were doing but we did it anyway (they won't mind me saying that... too late now anyway, I suppose).

What's been your most memorable moment as an author so far?

There have been loads, but the main ones (bragging face) in no particular order are: landing a publisher in the first place - a dream! Then getting an agent which I didn't think would ever happen and winning The Beryl Bainbridge Award for a First-Time Author 2009/10 for Eerie Deirdre at the inaugural People's Book Prize. I lost my category to David Walliams (my arch-nemesis) and thought that was it, we'd gone to London, hired a tux, left my family for a day and a night for nothing, then they announced the last category for First-Time Author and read my name out. Everyone in my party (but none more so than me) looked like they'd been slapped with a haddock - we couldn't believe it. That was a great day.

What does a typical day in the life of author Adam Perrott look like?

Glamorous. It's all champagne and dancing girls when you're a children's comedy writer. When you're not para-sailing with movie stars, that is. Of course, I jest (see? Comedy writer). I'm a fulltime father and a househusband so it's a very childish life I lead. The school run with my son then back home with my daughter and a day of play and chores. I play, she does the chores (another joke - you lucky people!). So there's washing, drying, toilet-training (her not me), washing-up, hoovering, polishing and any other punishments... I mean jobs that need doing. The best thing is we have loads of fun and laugh all day and watch tons of children's TV which we both love. She used to have a sleep in the day where I would write but she's outgrown that now, so I can't work in the day anymore! But she starts nursery in September so I'll have more free time then.

Where did the idea for The Odds come from?

I know that someone's moving my stuff. What other explanation is there? My wife is an incessant tidier (I've found money in the bin after one of her mad tidying sessions - seriously! Money!) so maybe it's her, but the idea that it was someone's job to hide stuff, move it around, trip us up, etc, was delicious. That was when Meddlers sprang into my head and my life and I'm still constantly delighted that I found such an incredibe agent and a pubisher to bring them to life.

Without giving away too much of the story, can you tell us about your favourite bit in The Odds Strike Back?

I really like the twist at the end (which I can't say, obviously!) and I love Granny Snott: the new character introduced in this book. She's Mr Odd's mother-in-law and they loathe each other. Early on they have some fantastic slanging matches which were great fun to write. I didn't have to do much research for those parts...

Have you ever had an encounter with a Meddler?

I tell a story when I visit schools about a cup of tea that went missing. It's not the funniest story, but it IS absolutely true. I made a cup of tea once, a full, steaming cup of tea, went away for a second and when I came back it was gone. A full cup of tea. I genuinely wandered the house looking for it and couldn't find it anywhere. Then I found it in the downstairs toilet. The TOILET!? Why was it in there? I hadn't been to the toilet, but there it was sitting on a little shelf mocking me. Clearly I'd just encountered an expert Meddler to move a full cup of scalding tea without spilling a drop (as I would've done). 

If you weren't an author, what would you be doing instead?

If I wasn't an author I'd still write. I have to. Writing was my escape when I realised you can get stuck in a job you don't want forever and never get out. I wasn't good at normal jobs. Too much daydreaming, idleness and back-chat. So now whatever I do I want to mess around. There aren't enough reasons to mess around and get away with it when you're a grown-up. When I was younger I wanted to be an actor, when I was a teenager I started a band and wanted to be a rock star. I still want to do all of those things and I incorporate them into my school shows (yes, I said shows...). Nowadays I like to think of myself as the Jimi Hendrix of children's books...

What's your favourite ice cream flavour?

Phish Food. Ben & Jerry's. All other ice cream flavours are dead to me.
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