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Sarah Forbes Top 10 Favourite Things About Being A Writer
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From creating delicious fantasy recipes to receiving fanmail. Discover Elspeth Hart author Sarah Forbes' Top 10 favourite things about being a writer!

1. Making up really silly things like Extra-special Sticky Toffee Sauce. When I wrote Elspeth Hart and the School for Show-offs, I actually tested the recipe at home and so did my lovely editor Ruth!

2. Working with James Brown, the very talented illustrator of the Elspeth Hart stories. It’s amazing when he sends sketches of how he thinks the characters should look. They usually make me laugh!

3. Meeting the readers is just the loveliest thing ever. Hearing which bits they especially liked in the books, and what else they’re doing and reading, is always so much fun.

4. Going back to school! I went back to my primary school last summer which was brilliant. It still smelled the way I remembered it.

5. Coming up with disgusting recipes for Miss Crabb and Gladys Goulash to make. I didn’t like school dinners when I was at school, but they weren’t nearly as bad as Miss Crabb’s!

6. Working at home, which means on a lazy day I just have to walk a few steps from my bedroom to my study: then I’m at work…

7. Getting letters from readers. I have a big pile of them next to my desk and they really cheer me up if I get stuck.

8. Spending lots of time in libraries. Libraries are so important and I like chatting to children’s librarians: they are smart people who know loads about children’s books!

9. Scribbling ideas for brand new stories in a huge big notebook.

10. Holding the finished books in my hand. I can’t wait until I can hold a copy of Elspeth Hart and the Magnificent Rescue, and see it in bookshops.

Haven't read the Elspeth Hart series yet? Feel like your missing out? Check out the first two books in the series HERE!

The third and final installment Elspeth Hart and the Magnificient Rescue is released on the 7th April 2016.

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