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Stripes grow their YA list with new horror series Red Eye!
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We are very excited to announce the launch of Red Eye, a brand new YA horror series for 2014 featuring gripping stories from award-winning authors and rising stars. A killer series for fans of all things ghastly and gruesome, the Red Eye series gives horror a contemporary makeover that teen readers will love!

The first four Red Eye titles will publish in paperback in September; Sleepless by Lou Morgan, Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell, Bad Bones by Graham Marks and House of Blood by Simon Cheshire. For the first time ever we are also giving Sleepless and Frozen Charlotte an early exclusive ebook release in July, to give readers a preview of the chills to come. There will be three more titles to follow in 2015.

Red Eye Commissioning Editor Katie Jennings said, “These stories take you on a thrill ride that leaves you shaken and reeling. They’re addictive, unforgettable, jump-out-of-your-seat scary. They’ve already terrified everyone here at Stripes – and we can’t wait to unleash them on the public. Each book offers a different horror experience – they’re not simply blood and gore fests. We have stories of dark forces, possession, insanity, avenging spirits and, of course, a house of horrors. In fact, something for everyone.”

Frozen Charlotte – Alex Bell
Sophie doesn’t believe in ghosts – that is, until her best friend Jay downloads a ouija board app on his phone and they summon up the spirit of her dead cousin, Rebecca. When Jay is killed only hours later, Sophie knows his death was no accident. Her quest to discover the truth takes her to a remote Scottish island and a family with secrets to hide. And if she can’t unravel the mystery soon, Jay won’t be the only person who meets an early grave...

Sleepless – Lou Morgan
When the pressure of exams becomes too much, Izzy and her friends resort to taking a study drug bought online. One by one the friends succumb to hallucinations, nightmares, psychosis and – ultimately – death. The only way to survive? To stay awake until the drugs leave their system. 

Bad Bones – Graham Marks

Gabe makes a discovery in a canyon in the hills of LA that he thinks could be the answer to all his problems. But the fortune he uncovers turns out to be stolen Inca gold buried with the bones of an evil Spanish priest some 200 years before. By taking the gold Gabe disturbs the spirit of the priest –and unleashes a menace hell bent on taking revenge, at any cost…

House of Blood – Simon Cheshire
When Sam’s family come into some money, they move to a big house in a desirable area. But there are strange things going on in the town and it seems that Sam is the only one who notices. When he hears screams coming from a neighbouring house – the imposing Bierce Priory – Sam sets out to investigate, little knowing the horrific secrets that lurk within. Whilst uncovering the horror is one thing, escaping is quite another…

You’ll be sleeping with the lights on for weeks after reading a Red Eye. If you sleep at all…


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