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Geek Week with Andy Robb!
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Watch Andy Robb's top picks from Geek Week!

Calling all Geeks! It’s Geek Week on YouTube! Basically, this means that there are loads of instructional, informative and downright Geeky videos being launched – stuff that you can try at home. I thought it might be fun to choose five of them – the five that the Geekhood characters might choose! Let’s see who would choose what.

1) This is one that most of us have had a go at some point in our lives, but if any one of the Geekhood characters was going to give it a go, it would have to be Beggsy; it’s the sort of thing he’d do. The chances are that he’d be doing it in the misguided attempt to try and impress a girl – and the chances are that it would go horribly wrong. Beggsy’s a bit of a spotlight-hog; he’s not malicious or anything – he just has a bit too much energy:

2) This one has Ravi stamped all over it. Of all the Geekhood gang, Ravi is the most mathematically-minded and interested in science. He’s the quietest of the group, preferring to observe and think things through, rather than go in like a bull at a gate. Ravi may well up being a scientist of some sort, in later life – and probably working on theories like this:

3) Matt would definitely go for this one! He’s the most self-conscious of the Geekhood gang and lives tightly within his own Comfort Zone – which is made up of all his Geeky interests. And Star Trek is a big one of those. In the unending debate of which is better, Star Trek or Star Wars, Matt sides with the Federation every time. And if there was ever a possibility of building something like the Enterprise, he’d want to know about it!

4) Archie would love this one. If Matt is a dyed-in-the-wool Trekkie, then Archie would champion the Rebel Alliance; I reckon this debate has taken-over more than one of their Games Nights. Although Archie’s IM would be babbling on about how it’d be great to be like Darth Vader and have a battle-station to wreak his terrible revenge on people like the school Grunt, Jason Humphries, the truth of the matter is something else. At his core, Archie’s a romantic and knowing how the Death Star functions would give him a greater chance of blowing it up or breaking in saving Sarah, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, from a terrible fate. And, in his head, she’d fall into his arms and they’d roam the galaxies together, in their little X-Wing fighter. Will they get together in the end? I can’t tell you at the moment – but I do know...

5) This video would be right up Sarah’s street. She’s got an interest in the unexplained; things that you might call magical or psychic or supernatural. As well as being able to read palms and auras, Sarah has a strong interest in dreams – possibly handed-down to her by her mum, who’s a psychic practitioner. But it’s not just an interest for Sarah; she believes that she can use this knowledge to help other people, as she does when she reads Archie’s aura in Close Encounters of the Girl Kind.

Always have an adult with you when you try these!
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